Solar Panel Cleaning Industry Dictionary and Nomenclature

Solar Panel Cleaning Industry Dictionary and Nomenclature

The solar panel cleaning industry is in its infancy and we have created a nomenclature to help facilitate communication in the industry. Because the industry is so young, the way things are called has not been defined. Our “Solar Panel Cleaning Nomenclature” is a living document that will evolve as the industry and our knowledge […]

13 Standard Stages in Solar Panel Cleaning

13 Standard Stages in Solar Panel Cleaning

Understand the process, make better decisions, and grow your business.

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Commercial Rooftop solar is expected to grow by 8% annually

Commercial solar panel cleaning is growing and it will continue to do so. As commercial buildings strive to reach net zero, most of them will use solar as a way to accomplish this. For example, did you know that Amazon’s warehouses are covered in solar panels and the reason they are is that these solar […]

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Entrepreneurs and Solar Panel Cleaning

Is 2022 a good year to start a solar panel cleaning business? The answer is yes! In the last 30 days, the United States has made significant headway in the renewable energy segment. Major milestones that will drive the demand for solar panel cleaning.

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Solar Farm Cleaning Costs

Solar Farm cleaning costs vary by region and the state of each solar farm. Solar farms in good condition with water onsite and close to urban areas can be cleaned at approximately the following rates. If you are interested in a Solar Farm Cleaning Company, please check out our Partners page. We provide solar panel […]

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Solar Panel Cleaning Systems and their Pros and Cons

The quest to find the most productive machine Most O&M directors or solar panel cleaners begin their quest for finding the ideal machinery by looking for the most productive machine in the marketplace. This is a very valid beginning however solar panel cleaning has many complexities and setup time and distance between installations is one […]