Our services throughout the Solar Plant Life Cycle

Our NextGen PV Soiling consulting services are ideal for asset managers, directors of O&M, or entrepreneurs that are searching for the best way to clean and mitigate PV soiling and incorporate safety. Mitigating photovoltaic soiling from design to O&M. NextGen PV soiling mitigation starts in the design phase and continues through the entire solar farm lifecycle.

  • Design Phase – Designing for solar panel cleaning brings 30 years of value. Solar panel cleaning is a recurring O&M task. We help PV designers in the design phase so that optimal, safe cleaning becomes a possibility. We help the design team get the drawings right so low-cost solar panel cleaning becomes a reality. We define the solar panel cleaning system with your design team.
  • PV soiling mitigation Project Development – PV Cleaning Optimization Modeling
  • Bids and Estimates – We create solar panel cleaning estimates so you can get your O&M bids accurate. We create NextGen PV soiling mitigation plans, drawings, and estimates.
  • Contract Development and Supplier Management
  • KPIs, Analytics, and Reporting
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