The Solar Panel Cleaning Business

Begin your journey into the solar panel cleaning world by understanding the business, financials, machinery, safety, and much more. Our online book is the ultimate guide to commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar panel cleaning.

Commercial, Industrial and Utility-Scale

The Solar Panel Cleaning Business

The Problem

PV (Photovoltaic) soiling reduces 1) performance, 2) energy reliability, 3) asset life, and 4) warranty compliance. Basically, if you don’t clean your panels you lose money. We clean for economic reasons.

  • Window Cleaning – Aesthetic Reasons
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning – Hygiene and Aesthetic Reasons
  • Solar Panel Cleaning – Economic Reasons – We only want clean panels so they produce more reliable, energy and the panels last longer (asset life).
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The Opportunity

1.1 Billion solar panels will be installed in the USA in the next 8 years for just the commercial, industrial and utility-scale segments.

The solar panel cleaning service market size is estimated to be 240 million – 1.1 billion dollars by 2030. This is just for new business, not an existing business. By 2050, 50% of US power will come from solar. Again these figures are just for commercial and utility-scale segments.

Author: Carla Catharine Dawson

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