Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

Carla Dawson
Carla Dawson
July 13, 2023

United States

If you are thinking about getting into the solar panel cleaning industry then you have multiple places to start

  • Residential Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Utility – Scale or Solar Farms – Article on Solar Farm Cleaning costs can be found here.

The residential solar panel cleaning segment is a good place to start and we recommend taking our NABCEP Accredited course on Residential solar panel cleaning.

Pricing throughout the United States will vary and local market values dictate so much of what you should charge however that said many cleaning entrepreneurs are underbidding jobs and are working with incomplete credentials. The pricing below is for panels that do not have any severe problems. If panels are covered in paint, cement, or other issues then they are considered a “deep clean” and will be charged extra.

Pricing by Home

  • One-story home starting at $150 – $250 a system
  • Two-story home starting at $200- $350 a system
  • Ground arrays starting at $1.75-$2.50 a panel (commercial applications)

Pricing by Panel – Residential

  • Up to 10 Panels – $125
  • 11 – 17 Panels – $145
  • 18 – 25 Panels – $165
  • 26 – 34 Panels – $185
  • 35 – 42 Panels – $205
  • 43 – 60 Panels – $230
Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Pricing 1

Economic Gain by Cleaning Solar Panels

There are multiple reasons to clean solar panels but the primary one is economics. Soiling on solar panels reduces performance, asset life, warranty compliance, and reliability. PV soiling is site-specific and energy values vary across the United States but here is a good reference as to how much money is lost due to underperformance in the residential segment

image 1
Source – Solar Tidy San Diego

How Much Residential Solar is there in the USA?

In the next 7 years, about 1.1 Billion solar panels will be going up and 13.8% of these panels are in the residential segment.

Solar Panel Cleaning Segmentation 2030 New Installations

What are the drivers for solar panel cleaning?

Drivers for Solar Panel Cleaning
Video on Solar Panel Cleaning Pricing for the Residential Segment

Solar Panel Cleaning is a new industry. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to sign up for our free 40-minute consultation. If you are interested in being on our partner’s page, please send us your information.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Financial Spreadsheet

If you are interested in learning how to run a successful solar panel cleaning company, then consider our spreadsheet. It will show you everything you need to know to be successful with your solar panel cleaning company.

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NextGen PV soiling mitigation is a phrase that was coined by Carla Dawson and Klemens Ilse in 2022.
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