Preventative Solar Dirt Build-Up Technologies

Carla Dawson
Carla Dawson
May 14, 2024

The prevention of dirt build-up on solar panels is an up-and-coming topic in the solar maintenance world for 3 main reasons 1) Improved performance 2) Improved safety 3) Environmental

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How do you prevent dirt build-up on solar panels?

There are multiple solar panel cleaning technologies that reduce dirt build-up on solar panels, but the 4 main buckets include 1) Photocatalytic Ceramic Coatings 2) Airwash technologies + photocatalytic ceramic coatings 3) Electrodynamic Screen Technologies 4) Solar Sprinkler systems + photocatalytic ceramic coatings.

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About the author

Carla Dawson

Carla Dawson founded Soilar Technologies, a NextGen PV Soiling Mitigation Technology Company in 2019. NextGen PV soiling mitigation can be defined as:

“Mitigating photovoltaic soiling by using 21st-century technologies throughout the solar plant lifecycle with the objective of increasing performance, reliability, asset life, and warranty compliance. NextGen PV Soiling mitigation is typically a data-enriched smart system that combines technologies such as solar panel cleaning robotics, PV anti-soiling coatings, PV abrasion testing, bird deterrent solutions, PV soil monitoring, electrodynamic shields (EDS), condensation prevention, tracker/stowage position, and cleaning schedule optimization, solar panel cleaning software, analytics and other technologies.”

NextGen PV soiling mitigation is a phrase that was coined by Carla Dawson and Klemens Ilse in 2022.
Soilar Technologies is dedicated to helping solar panel cleaners, EPC, solar installation companies, and entrepreneurs solve their PV soiling problems from design to the operations and maintenance stage.