NextGen PV soiling mitigation is a phrase that was coined by Carla Dawson, Ben Figgis, and Klemens Ilse in 2022. The current definition is

“Mitigating photovoltaic soiling by using 21st-century technologies throughout the solar plant lifecycle with the objective of increasing performance, reliability, asset life, and warranty compliance.

NextGen PV Soiling mitigation is typically a data-enriched smart system that combines technologies such as solar panel cleaning robotics, PV anti-soiling coatings, PV abrasion testing, bird deterrent solutions, PV soil monitoring, electrodynamic shields (EDS), condensation prevention, tracker/stowage position, and cleaning schedule optimization, solar panel cleaning software, analytics and other technologies.”

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Technological breakthroughs are occurring constantly due to digital disruption and with this scenario, companies have to run a technological race and much more.

Thought leadership is a vehicle for companies to position concepts, ideas, and more in front of their audiences.