NextGen PV soiling mitigation is ….

NextGen PV soiling mitigation is about understanding the financial impact of photovoltaic (PV) soiling and solving PV soiling challenges with the application of modern-day technologies and quality standards throughout the solar plant lifecycle improving economic output, performance, revenue, reliability, warranty compliance, and managing risks. 

NextGen PV Soiling mitigation is typically a data-enriched smart system that combines quality standards and technologies such as PV modeling, solar panel cleaning robotics, PV anti-soiling coatings, PV abrasion testing, bird deterrent solutions, PV soil monitoring, electrodynamic shields (EDS), condensation prevention, tracker/stowage position, cleaning schedule optimization, solar panel cleaning software, safety, analytics, and other technologies throughout the solar plant lifecycle. 

Adopting NextGen PV Soiling Mitigation technologies allows solar asset owners to improve their economic output, performance, revenue, predictability, reliability, warranty compliance, and asset life and mitigate risks.

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