Chapter #1 – The Problem

PV (Photovoltaic) soiling reduces 1) performance, 2) energy reliability, 3) asset life and 4) warranty compliance. Basically, if you don’t clean your panels you lose money. We clean for economic reasons.

  • Window Cleaning – Aesthetic Reasons
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning – Hygiene and Aesthetic reasons
  • Solar Panel Cleaning = Economic reasons. We only want clean panels so they produce more reliable, energy and the panels last longer (asset life).

Performance Loss

The PV performance loss is significant enough that it should be mitigated. The performance loss is due to

  • Shading – Less light reaches the photovoltaic cells
  • Hotspots that affect productivity


Creating reliable power is a challenge when

  • Dust storms cover your panels
  • Neighbors harvest crops and soil your panels
  • Birds flock to your PV site and make it their home – Bird guano
  • Snow
  • Ashes fall on your panels due to nearby fires
  • Other external conditions cause soiling on your panels

Asset Life

Soiling is one of the top 4 reasons why hotspots are created.

Warranty Compliance

All photovoltaic module manufacturers require that you clean on a regular basis for the warranty to be valid.

Why Clean Solar Panels