How do you clean a large solar farm?

A typical solar farm has over 200,000 PV modules and facing this cleaning challenge is no small endeavor. These sites are usually remote and may not have water onsite. The key to overcoming these huge cleaning challenges is by

  • Understand the solar installations types
  • Understand the machinery/resources
  • Understand the 12-step process
  • Make better decisions
  • Grow your business 

How do you clean large solar farms that have conventional solar installation structures?

  • Fixed Tilt
  • Single Axis Tracker
  • Dual Axis tracker
  • Floating Fixed Tilt
  • Rooftop Fixed Tilt

Solar Farms that require wet cleaning are usually cleaned with the following systems

  • Tractor Brush Solar Panel Cleaning System
  • Lift & Shift Solar Panel Cleaning System
  • Robot Solar Panel Cleaning System

Tractor Brush System


Cleaning a Solar Farm with a Tractor Brush System

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Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning System



Lift and Shift Solar Panel Cleaning System