Solar Panel Cleaning Machinery Costs

A common mistake when looking at the cost of each machinery type is to compare the cost of one machine with another instead of looking at the cost of each system.


  • Measure the cost of the system, not just the machine
  • Include the cost of complementary machinery in your CapEx analysis
  • Divide the cost into CapEx and OpEx
  • Include the cost of lost opportunity because you cannot clean a site

Each of the solar panel cleaning systems requires complementary machinery. To get your financials or product comparison accurate is it critical that you compare the solar panel cleaning system CapEx and not just the machinery CapEx. It is also important to understand the cost of being dirty. Understand this cost before investing in CAPEX. For example, if I work with a solar panel cleaning robot that requires a hydraulic lift to move it versus one that does not, the system CapEx is lower for the latter. If I use machinery that requires a large flatbed truck vs a van then the CapEx is lower for the latter. 

If you are interested in comparing the cost of solar panel cleaning machines/systems, please send us an email.