Solar Panel Cleaning Pricing

One of the most important aspects of the business is pricing. Unfortunately, it is where most companies are failing.

Due to the industry’s maturity level, there is no standard pricing in the marketplace and newcomers tend to underbid projects due to their lack of experience. We have asked the following companies to share their standard pricing. Please note that the pricing found below is based on the following parameters.

  • Filtered water but not deionized water
  • Mobilization and demobilization fees are not included
  • Standard solar panels
  • PV site is in good condition and does not have electrocution risk for the solar panel cleaning company
  • Mobilization and Demobilization fees

Solar panel cleaning companies tend to include these concepts in their fee structure since sites are typically at a distance from the solar panel cleaning company’s locations.

  • Transportation Amortization – trucks, flatbeds, vans, etc
  • Gas
  • Teams Hotels, food, drinks, etc

Solar Farm Cleaning Costs

Solar Farm cleaning costs vary by region and the state of each solar farm. Solar farms in good condition with water onsite and close to urban areas can be cleaned at approximately the following rates. Please keep in mind that these numbers are just a reference and local issues will change what a solar panel cleaning company will charge you. These numbers also vary if the client requires lots of credentials and conditions which is often true with government contracts. The solar farm cleaning industry typically goes by “price per panel” & mobilization and demobilization fees. We highly recommend that the industry consider square footage as a better way to bid on projects since panel sizes vary significantly in size.

Utility ScalePrice per Panel (Standard Panels)
I highly recommend charging by Square footage or similar
10 MW$0.75 – $1.75 + mobilization & demobilization fees
11 – 50 MW$0.65 – $1.25 + mobilization & demobilization fees
51 – 100 MW$0.55 – $1 + mobilization & demobilization fees
101 MW – 250 MW$0.37 – $0.75 + mobilization & demobilization fees

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Costs

Commercial & Industrial
Carports (1 MW)$1.50 + mobilization & demobilization fees
Rooftops less than 1 MW but not residential$2.50 + mobilization & demobilization fees
Rooftops more than 1 MW$1.50 + mobilization & demobilization fees

Most solar farm cleaning bids in the US have few specifications and requirements. We highly recommend that solar farm cleaning services and bids include these concepts

  1. Cleaning with Deionized Water or less than 10 PPM
  2. Cleaning Systems must have abrasion testing certifications or PV module manufacturer certifications
  3. Clean during the daytime since cleaning at night has significant safety risks
  4. Require ARC flash security measures
  5. Safety protocols to reduce the risk of electrocution
  6. Time to clean the site
  7. Onsite inspection to participate in the bid – For existing PV sites, we recommend that the asset owner require that the solar panel cleaning company visit the site to be able to participate in the bid to increase project success.