Solar Panel Cleaning Government Regulations

Licenses, Courses, Insurance
Do I need a contractor license to clean solar panels?

It depends!

Each state has its own laws. Basically, you need to check in your state if you need a license.

2 options

Specialty Cleaning Contractor license in California

Solar Contractor

For example

Colorado – License not needed – We emailed the state and asked!

California – License is needed!  

Call your local state government and ask

Google “Specialty Cleaning Contractor + state” or “Solar Contractor License” + “state” 

Do I need solar contractor insurance?


If you’re cleaning rooftops vs ground mounts your insurance policy changes considerably. The general rule is that the rooftop is more expensive than the ground mount.

Workman’s compensation is about 33% if you are doing rooftop

Roofing insurance vs Solar Contractor Insurance