Commercial Rooftop solar is expected to grow by 8% annually

Carla Dawson
Carla Dawson
September 2, 2022

Commercial solar panel cleaning is growing and it will continue to do so. As commercial buildings strive to reach net zero, most of them will use solar as a way to accomplish this.

For example, did you know that Amazon’s warehouses are covered in solar panels and the reason they are is that these solar panels produce 90% of the energy they need to function?

Rooftop solar is part of Amazon’s broad plan to zero out emissions by 2040.

In 2019, founder Jeff Bezos launched the Climate Pledge, promising the largest online retailer would zero out emissions by 2040, embrace renewable energy and move away from gas-guzzling delivery vans, including through a billion-dollar-plus investment in electric vehicle company Rivian.

Many will be able to reap financial rewards for renewable energy efforts after Congress August passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes climate provisions projected to reduce the country’s carbon emissions by roughly 40% by 2030.

Commercial solar in the U.S. is expected to see 8% annual growth over the next five years, thanks in part to the legislation, according to Wood Mackenzie solar analyst Michelle Davis. Warehouses can take outsized advantage of solar, she said, because they have large roofs and the systems can power all the HVAC, refrigeration, and other energy-heavy systems located inside.

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