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The Solar Cleaning Pros, LLC

The Solar Cleaning Pros, LLC


Get Your Power Back With a Pro Solar Clean!
The Solar Cleaning Pros, LLC services the Glenn, Butte, Tehama, and Colusa counties. We use pure, chemical-free RO (reverse osmosis) water along with solar-specific water-fed passive and rotary brushing equipment to get your solar in top shape! We also perform a maintenance inspection before every cleaning to ensure you do not have any issues such as broken panels, loose mounting brackets, etc.

Our Process:

First, we do a site survey and inspect your system for any broken panels, loose bolts, and other maintenance items. We contact you BEFORE we clean if there is anything that needs to be addressed in regards to fixing or maintenance.

Next, we rinse down the panels with our pure, reverse osmosis water, wetting the surface and soaking goo for the next step. We never use chemicals and of course we never use high-pressure washing.

Finally, we use our solar-specific passive or rotary brushes to make multiple passes, completely cleaning the surfaces to like-new condition

Your system will look great and perform even better!

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