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Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Pennsylvania

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Pennsylvania


JTK Solar Solutions is proud to be one of the first companies in North America to offer services using a solar cleaning robot. The robot provides an unmatched level of quality which provides a safe and efficient cleaning without harming your panels.

Our solar cleaning robot is safe for your panels and provides a superior quality of cleaning. We adjust the speed of the robot according to the soiling of each panel and we use specific brushes for both dry and wet cleaning. Our robot is equipped with wide brushes and we can operate it with precision for high quality cleaning.

The robot also has a low operational cost and does not require any additional material if the robot is connected to a normal water supply. This ensures a quick and timely cleaning of your panels without the need for extensive setup.

To address the inevitable problem of soiling,

Solar panels should be cleaned periodically, depending on their location. While rain can potentially remove some dust, it will not adequately clean solar panels. It is important to wash away the accumulated debris and droppings that threaten your panel’s performance.

System owners should work with a solar panel cleaning company to ensure their investments are protected and running at full efficiency.