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Ripple Reclamation

Ripple Reclamation


Solar Panel and Solar Farm Cleaning Company Servicing Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and BC Canada.

Alberta Canada SOlar panel cleaning

Ripple Reclamation is the first of its kind in Western Canada. We specialize in PV Soiling Mitigation, servicing all sizes of Residential, Commercial, and Utility-Scale Solar Installations from Manitoba through to British Columbia. We strive to offer faster, safer, and more efficient solutions for cleaning, maintaining, and optimizing the performance of ground mount, roof mount, and floating installations. Our company uses specialized state-of the art, weight-sensitive cleaning robots, and with our innovative approach, we are revolutionizing the solar cleaning industry. Our services are backed by a profound understanding of solar panel cleaning and the challenges found in Western Canada. Our company is certified by and we are in the process of acquiring NABCEP accreditation. We are a solar panel and solar farm cleaning company servicing Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and BC Canada.

Solar Farm Cleaning Services

Our solar farm cleaning services are powered by a deep understanding of the PV soiling problem, solar panel cleaning robotics and other equipment that is critical in getting the job done efficiently and safely

Solar Farm Cleaning Services in Alberta Canada

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Our company also cleans commercial installations typically found on large rooftops as seen in the picture below.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Our company cleans residential solar installations in Alberta Canada. Alberta Canada has very high soiling levels and the solar panels on our homes lose performance if they are not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning solar panels in Alberta Canada