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Florida, Georgia, Texas

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We Are A Team Of Dedicated Professionals Who Care About Ensuring That Your Solar Panels Are Operating At Their Optimal Level, While Extending The Lifespan Of Your Assets. This Provides You With Reliable Production And Revenue!

  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Solar Farm Vegetation  & Ground Maintenance
  • Solar Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance
  • Solar Equipment Maintenance
  • IR Drone & Handheld Thermal Imaging
  • O&M Site Evaluations

Solar Farm Cleaning Florida

Our solar farm cleaning services are available all throughout Florida. PVworx cleans carports with our solar panel cleaning robot and we also clean large solar farms with our robot or our tractor brush system. We are experienced solar farm cleaners and can tackle any job. We work efficiently and effectively. PVworx is a certified Consultant and we train constantly on new technologies entering the field.

Solar Farm Cleaning Georgia

Our solar farm cleaning headquarters are in Tallahassee Florida and we often service solar farms in Georgia. Our company has a trained team and a complete line of equipment to face any solar farm cleaning challenge. From swamps to carports, our team is ready to do the job.

Solar Farm Cleaning Texas

We recently created a new crew in Texas and our expanding in the lone star state. Our solar farm cleaning services in Texas is specialized in large solar farms. We have a tractor-brush solar panel cleaning system and crew ready to go. Texas is one of the fastest growing solar states and we are happy to help asset owners keep these installations clean and at peak performance.