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Palm Coast Solar Cleaning specializes in residential and commercial solar panel cleaning and maintenance with sub services such as bird and critter proofing for solar systems, and paint overspray removal (solar), and gutter cleaning. Our job is to ensure that your solar panels maximize their output in order to provide you with increased energy savings.

​Before cleaning, we conduct a 4-point inspection, visually inspecting your roof for any problems or concerns, the structure of the system, the under-panel condition (wiring) of the system, and the solar panels condition, creating a full transparency report that shows our commitment to our customer satisfaction.

​We are chemical-free, using only deionized water for spot free, superior, and environmentally friendly cleaning. We ensure that your solar panels are producing at maximum capacity and saving you money!

Why do solar panels need to be cleaned and maintained? 

Solar panels are an investment that is supposed to last up to 25 years thus they should be treated as such.  Dirty solar panels can lose efficiency production up to 30% and down the road could lead to the deterioration of energy savings and a shortened life span of your solar panels. Depending on location there are certain factors that could lead to a loss in solar production such as dust, dirt, ash, air pollution, and polluted rain. The general saying that “rain will clean your solar panels”  is not necessarily true. The rain will make your solar panels look like they have been cleaned but over time grime will keep building up on them if they are not professionally cleaned.  Solar panel cleaning will allow your solar panels to maximize solar production efficiency, lower your power bills, and prolong the life of the solar panels.