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Brighter Solar Cleaning

Brighter Solar Cleaning

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Cleaning solar panels is an absolute must to ensure you protect the lifespan and efficiency of your solar panels. After all, they endure many harsh natural elements on a daily basis.

Although most solar panels are installed at an optimum angle and rainwater already provides some level of cleaning, solar panels still do not remain clean.

There are many environment factors which determine the efficiency of your solar panels.

Examples include:

  • ❌moss & lichen growth
  • ❌leaves
  • ❌bird & bat droppings
  • ❌industrial chemicals
  • ❌fine dust
  • ❌air pollution
  • ❌salt air
  • ❌acid rain

These elements can harm the surface of your solar panels, adversely affecting their performance and will eventually irreparable damage as a result!

Keep your panels working at their best, protect your warranty and let Brighter Solar Cleaning help you get maximum efficiency from your solar panels. Remember –> Cleaner… Better… Brighter!