How can you be sure you have enough of the right expertise and technical ability on your team to meet your business goals?

Is PV Soiling being managed properly within your organization? Do you lack a PV Soiling Mitigation subject matter expert that will help you reach your goals? If this talent is so scarce, what will you do if they choose to leave your organization?

Soilar Technologies helps organizations develop this expertise and the technical ability of their team through a process called talent risk management and more.

We solve your day-to-day talent planning, talent shortage, and employee transition problems. Starting at the strategic level down to risks at the technical task level. From the science of PV Soiling Mitigation to operations and management. Our work is about reducing risk around technical capacity.

Are you an EPC looking to bring solar panel cleaning in-house? Are you interested in developing a new role within your organization such as “Head of Solar Panel Cleaning” or better yet “Head of PV Soiling Mitigation”? Soilar Technologies helps large energy companies in a knowledge transfer process and much more